What is MST?

Okay, I’m not a storyteller, but will give it a try.

In 2008 when we started working on MST we’re surprised that there’s no service that can search in spoken video content, search for a scene or a part from a video by typing a word and get to the moment the word said, all video search till now is almost only using title and tags. Which is not the right way.

Imagine searching the web for titles, in Google when you type a word “technology”  you’d get a list of pages that the word “technology” is written in them, not just the title of the page, in Google and typical search engines in general you search the content.

– Why not in Video?

April, 2008: Let’s do it!!!
July, 2008: Some results!
September 2008: Google launches something called Gaudi that almost did the same as we did, depressing, it was really depressing to be crushed in a second, why Google? what unlucky coincidence made you start the same thing as a small team in Cairo?

Luckily, Google Gaudi was shutdown.

…Ironically a year later QREO was shutdown.

Fast forward to September, 2015

QREO is back, and still no decent video search engine, you still have to watch full videos to get to the parts. 5 years still nothing, okay let’s get back on it.
MST is ready by April, 2016 and now it’s available for testing by anyone.

What’s our goal? 
Make online video searchable.

Who’d find this goal interesting and useful?
Every video creator and every video viewer.
Creators: will get their videos organized, searchable, targeted audience and new audience that wouldn’t open the video if not for this part.
Viewers: Will save ages searching for scene in huge amount of videos and easily discover video content.