4 ways using MST is your best way to engage your fans!


MST  is service that makes your videos searchable by text, try it here, but how you get the most out of your videos using MST?

MST is an advanced way to discover videos, unlike YouTube search, MST find the word said in a video, not just by video title and tags.

So, you’ve a great YouTube channel or you’re just starting with one.

1. Getting targeted audience
When a user looking for a certain topic in the videos, titles and tags aren’t the best way, they can’t capture the videos topics. Using MST users will find the part they’re looking for, even if your video title or tags aren’t mentioning this topic.

2. Getting More Views
Your video title and tags don’t make it for a user search for “Health”, your video is talking about a totally another topic, but the video mentions “Health” with information that’s vital for the user.
Here are some views you wouldn’t get without MST!

3. Finding hidden content = getting more subscribers
Your channel/video wouldn’t be found by user if it wasn’t for MST, now what? you’re channel had been discovered and you got another subscriber!

4. You’re helping in organizing your content and Internet video!
Just like searching for a topic on the Internet, imagine there are no search engines, and you’ve millions of videos to watch a 10-sec part? MST is a search engine for videos

Go to https://mst.qreo.net and submit your video/channel now while it’s free and be one of our first beloved video creators.

If you’ve questions/feedback, drop us a line at [email protected]

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