How MST works?

Okay, so many people asking and many others wondering how MST (the video search technology) works.

And No…

It isn’t using YouTube captions, it doesn’t use speech to text and not transcribed videos.

The secret with MST is me, I listen to every video and write down every word said, the average time I need for every video is 50% of the videos time, if the video is 10 min long, it takes me 5 min to add it to the database. How? I play the video in 2x speed and listen carefully, I can write down 218 words per minute, the fastest human can write is 217 words per minute (applause for me? Thank You!), this fast video sounds like chipmunks, add to it the stupidly unsettling sound of keyboards keys on this speed, these are a hell of voices coming out if you’re listening from outside!

But these voices start doing something interesting…

Of course it’s a daunting task to do alone, especially with long videos, one night I was writing down this video, and something interesting happened, I saw lights, dim lights becoming brighter, sounds of chipmunks, unusual sound other than the videos’ sounds! I checked the lights and I saw a little cute fairy, almost fits my palm, she said her name is Katie and she eats rainbows. And that was it I thought I need some sleep and went to bed this night with about 10 videos to write down left.

Next morning…

I went to complete the job, but something weird happened, I saw 8 fairies, as cute as Katie, each one is responsible for a group of keyboard keys and Katie is listening to the video and copies to them a letter-by-letter, “What Katie? What are you doing?”, I said, “Helping! you can’t do it alone anyway”, Katie said with a very stupid poker face.

Weeks passed, Katie and her friends are working, I’m building the website, Katie told me that I should get some fund, which I immediately dismissed, but after long work I found she’s right, not right about the fund exactly, the fund will get attention of people, which we’re struggling to get, we want people to use MST, Photon and the APIs. So, we started an Indiegogo campaign yesterday, hoping that some people will use the service and Katie and her friends see the fruits of their work! (And rainbows are really expensive to buy! they don’t accept money, I pay in rainbows)

Many behind the scenes fun stories happened while we’re working that we might tell some day, but in the meantime keep in mind that MST is built by fairies, and they can get reeeaaallly furious, so, use MST, share it with your friends and contribute to the campaign!

Okay, nobody asked how MST works, but for the sake of the story, you know.

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