Photon Screenshot App New Version 0.9

We’re glad to announce Photon’s new version 0.9 with some new neat features and many bug fixes.

What’s new in version 0.9?
– You can draw the Selection Area as a circle
– Screenshot for a single window – Press Alt+PrntScr
– Photos and videos by default saved in Photon folder
– Ability to set an Outline for the text (Show us your Memes NOW!)
– OCR service is continuously improved on the server side
– Ability to move the text box

Bug Fixes:
– Textbox would crash in some cases
– Many under-the-hood improvements
– Bought a new coffee machine

Get the new Photon here

Tune-in for Photon on Mac OSX and Linux!

Thanks for your invaluable feedback!

Photon Tips and Tricks!

At QREO we’re overwhelmed with the number of traffic and the number of positive reviews created in the last few days about Photon by Softpedia, PC AdvisorSOFTZone (Spanish!) and much more, Thank you all for your support and feedback!

There’re some unannounced tips for Photon (Easter eggs :-D)

Update Checker
Right-click on Photon icon in the tray bar, go to About > Check for updates, tune-in many updates are coming!

Keyboard Shortcuts
– uploads the current shot immediately
W – Opens the share bar
G – Search for the shot on Google Images
P – Prints the current shot
C – Copy the current shot, for use in applications like Photoshop or even copy directly to a Facebook post or message, just press ‘C’ and paste in your Facebook post.
S – Save the current shot, next update pressing ‘S’ will save the image automatically without the ‘Save As’ window.
O – For OCR
R – to record and stop
Q – Minimize to tray (closes the screenshot view)
CTRL+Z – Guess for what?

And now my personal favorite:
CTRL+E – The ‘Edit mode‘ let you interact with the system using your mouse or keyboard through the bounding rectangle, while in Edit Mode you can’t using drawing tools, press CTRL+E again to get back to Drawing Mode.

And more Tips to come! Go Try Photon Now!