How to Take Meaningful Screenshots on Windows


Taking and editing Screenshots should be a basic task for every computer nowadays, we need screenshot many times, from taking pictures of important pieces of information from a web browser, application or system error, sometimes it can be daunting to take the screenshot and make some edits on any photo-editing software, for most of us we need a more intuitive way to share our screenshots.

Photon takes the screenshot taking process to another level, you can write on what you see, draw, extract information and take videos with simple and easy clicks.

Start Photon and click the tray icon to start capturing, the screen will be dimmed a bit, drag with the mouse pointer to create the screenshot box, it will appear as the above image,  you can upload to Photon website and get a nice link, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vk! (Need more? drop us a line!), you can check for similar images with Google button, Print, Copy to clipboard (copy to a photo-editor for instance), save to disk, Record videos, get OCR content.

On the vertical bar, you can draw freehand, straight line, an arrow, a rectangle, use a marker to highlight important parts, you can type text on the image.

Go try Photon!

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