QREO is beginning (again)

Hello everybody,

We’re glad to announce that QREO is back, YAAAY!! but what is QREO?

In 2006 before all the start-up jargon was too mainstream, few friends from college and I, started in an empty apartment building small and stupid software just for fun, we’ve applied to many challenges like this and other software.

By couple of years later we had stronger grasp on building software products but still relatively naive, our project was to create a method to search in spoken audio files using text input  Watch the video, then life had begun and the team had separated each one in a different job in a different place and different countries.

Few of us reunited on a project to build a smart STB (Set-Top Box) or a smart satellite receiver, called IGOS, IGOS’s main value was to provide the new at that time (early 2011) smart things revolution to ordinary users using satellite receivers, satellite receivers are the main source of TV in many places around the globe, and many users have non-smart TVs, IGOS made it available for TV users to get many smart features like Apps, Browser, social sharing and ease-of-use in a competitive price.
Unfortunately, IGOS hadn’t seen the lights for the lack of funds.

On and Off, On and Off…

Now we’re back and learnt a great lesson, to start small, the time spent wasn’t wasted, we’ve learnt and gain experience and a wide range of technologies, we’ll start officially in the next few months with multiple products.

For now you can check a sample from our work:

A screenshot app for Windows, reviewed by Softpedia and FindMySoft

Photon is an unobtrusive and intuitive program that can help you take screenshots and record desktop videos, while also providing you with a basic set of editing tools. Moreover, the application can upload images to various social networks or cloud services.

Taking screenshots or recording the screen can be done with only a few clicks. The application provides several output options, including cloud storage and OCR. It is offered free of charge and you can have it up and running in no time.

There are no obvious drawbacks to mention.

Channels API

The experience gained from building IGOS, showed a big gap between satellite receiver and the current era, satellite receivers lacking many basic features that can improve the users’ experience very much.
Channels API provides TV and Radio channels information and logos in a clean JSON format.

Movies API
Creating a movies info collection or movies organizer applications are not very easy, although it should be, getting movies and actors information online are either lacking some essential info or very expensive.
Movies API provides info for movies and actors plus posters for free and also in a clean JSON format.

Please, check our current landing page http://qreo.net/ and write down your feedback, how do you like the Star Wars themed homepage for a company?

And that’s all for now.

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